Drinking Water – A Musician’s Guide to Handling Thirst for Optimal Hydration

“The one that eats fruits, inexperienced and succulent greens, and avoids condiments and has overcome his ingesting behavior, can have little trigger for ingesting at any time and no trigger for ingesting at supper time or instantly thereafter. Let him not concern that his well being will endure therefrom. I can guarantee him that it’s going to enhance and shortly at that.”


  • Dr. Herbert Shelton



As a part of speaking about correct meals combining I believed it will be necessary to share some insights about correct water consumption with you. On this article, I plan to explain to you among the data and methods that I now use to attain optimum hydration. As a result of the human physique is nearly completely made up of water, it is necessary to know tips on how to correctly hydrate with out falling sufferer to over- or under-saturation. In my expertise and in my research I’ve discovered it difficult to reach at simply the precise steadiness with water consumption and meals consumption. Prior to now I’ve made the all-to-common mistake of ingesting water with my meals and struggling with penalties comparable to heartburn, acid reflux disorder, and indigestion.

As artists, these penalties are tough to stay with particularly throughout performances and once they act as deterrents to focusing our consideration to those circumstances as a substitute of to our inventive efforts. So it is my hope that this data will assist illuminate a vital space of your life and good well being – optimum water consumption.

Ordinary Consuming

So let’s begin with the concept of ingesting 6 – 8 glasses of water a day. Ordinary ingesting, like recurring consuming, is a foul concept in that if consumption is not primarily based on want, then there actually is not any cause for it. Consuming water or another hydrating liquid must be dictated in line with thirst. Thirst could be outlined because the organic or physiological want for water. So in my expertise I’ve discovered it is best to keep away from routine ingesting. Water wants fluctuate with the seasons, exercise, age, gender, and local weather, so there isn’t any sound cause to medically or nutritionally advise anybody to drink any amount of water with out first figuring out one thing about them and their situation.

Experiments with crops have proven that super-saturation of their protoplasm weakens and even kills them. Equally, when giant portions of water are taken in by man or animal it produces a state not not like that of alcoholic intoxication. Extreme water ingesting weakens the tissues, dilutes important bodily fluids, decreases the facility of the blood to hold oxygen, and lessens the vitality of the cells.

Ruining Digestion with Water

Extreme water consumption additionally ruins the digestive course of by washing away the very enzymatic secretions wanted to break water point meals within the mouth (from mastication and insalivation) and abdomen. Usually we drink giant portions of water simply earlier than or with our meals in order that what outcomes from the little secretions that stay are fermentation all through the digestive tract (gasoline, heartburn, and many others.) and poor diet (undigested or unprocessed meals).

Consuming with meals and extreme water ingesting are each recognized to stimulate the urge for food, which is attributable to an irritation of the abdomen and never by true starvation. This creates a vicious cycle the place usually an individual eats meals that stimulate a false thirst, which they then reply to by ingesting giant quantities of water or different drinks (which are actually meals or poisons). This in flip washes away the very digestive enzymes manufactured by the physique for digestion, thereby encouraging fermentation within the intestinal tract, resulting in uncomfortable stress within the stomach, heartburn, gasoline, frequent bowels, and different associated circumstances.

The horror of this cycle to the well being of the person could be additional simplified as a cycle of feeding false starvation and false thirst. Consuming too many meals that stimulate false thirst, and ingesting an excessive amount of water that results in a stimulating of the urge for food with a false starvation will each rob the artist and artistic kind of their important energies, which they desperately want for his or her work.

Due to this fact, it is best to abstain from ingesting along with your meals and to scale back your water consumption to match physiological demand. It doesn’t matter what is eaten, so long as it is edible, the glands of the mouth will provide enough portions of digestive fluids if allowed to take action. And as you’ve got learn ingesting water with meals prevents the digestive fluids from doing the work they had been designed to do.

Easy methods to Drink Your Water

In keeping with the college of Pure Hygiene, the most secure rule on water consumption is “drink as little as a thirst calls for.” Apart from this there isn’t any laborious and quick rule for water ingesting. Equally, there isn’t any absolute rule for a way a lot one must eat, breathe, sleep, or have intercourse. So what does this imply and the way is that this supposed that can assist you?

The intent behind this rule is to get you to take heed to your physique’s want for water. My private expertise with Pure Hygiene and meals combining has included the painstaking technique of breaking dangerous consuming and ingesting habits borne from years of inconsiderate and indiscriminate consumption. As many individuals are recurring overeaters, equally these identical folks habitually tremendous saturate themselves by ingesting an excessive amount of water. The primary cause why we drink an excessive amount of water has to do with ignoring our physique’s cues for water consumption which is dictated by want, versus irritation or false thirst attributable to dangerous meals or dangerous mixtures of meals.

A false thirst is a requirement for water that’s attributable to consuming salt, spices, condiments, greasy dishes, concentrated meals, meat, eggs, cheese, and sugar, all of which trigger irritations often deemed to be thirst. A false thirst often follows a meal every time the meals is salty, greasy, or stuffed with condiments and spices. This thirst must be ignored, permitting the saliva and abdomen secretions to do their work on the meals in an try to attenuate the impact these meals have on the abdomen lining and intestinal tract.


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